EXCLUSIVE: "Transformers Prime" Images Showcase Arcee, Ratchet & Jack

"Transformers Prime" is back. Starting off as a miniseries in 2010 and continuing to an ongoing television show in 2011 on The Hub TV Network, the animated adventures of the Transformers exploring the mythology of the Robots in Disguise began its second season on February 18 with the episode "Orion Pax." After the conclusion of the first season and the defeat of the nefarious Unicron, Optimus Prime has lost all memory of his time as leader of the Autobots. Persuaded to join the Decepticons by Megatron, Prime now stands in opposition to the faction he once led. Now, the Autobots and their human ally, Jack, must restore Prime's memories on Cybertron before the Decepticons get their hands on pivotal information seized from Iacon, Cybertron's capital city.

In exclusive images from "Orion Pax - Part 2," Jack, Arcee and Ratchet prepare to restore Optimus Prime's memory by attempting to use the Decepticon space bridge to return to Cybertron. "Transformers Prime" involves the creative efforts of "Star Trek" writing duo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and stars many "Transformers" cartoon alums including Optimus Prime voice actor Peter Cullen and Megatron voice actor Frank Weller.

Check out the exclusive images below and tune in this Saturday, February 25 at 8:30 PM on The Hub for "Orion Pax - Part 2."

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