EXCLUSIVE: Top Cow's "Eclipse" Makes the Sun A Deadly Killer

Top Cow has exclusively revealed to CBR News a new series debuting this September, called "Eclipse," about a world where the slightest exposure to sunlight means death.

The new title comes from freshman comics scribe Zack Kaplan and artist Giovanni Timpano ("Lone Ranger"/"Green Hornet"), who plan to explore the unique concept of a killer sun, and a man who learns to harness that power for evilL

Describing the deadly premise of the new series, Kaplan said, "The world is very conscious of our limited resources, such as food, water and energy, but I found it very interesting to explore a world without one of our most generous resources: the sun. I think it's truly a haunting proposition that something so life-giving would become so deadly. What would happen to our society and the people in it if we couldn't go outside anymore? That's 'Eclipse.'"

Here's the solicitation for the first issue, along with a preview of the first few pages of the series:




SEPTEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.99

Imagine if sunlight burned you alive. In the near future, a mysterious solar event has transformed the sun's light into deadly, immolating rays. The world's few survivors now live in nocturnal cities. But a killer emerges who uses sunlight to burn his victims, and when he targets the daughter of a solar power mogul, it falls to a disillusioned solar engineer to protect her.

"Eclipse" #1 hits stands on September 7.

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