EXCLUSIVE: Top Cow Talent Hunt to Return, with a Few Changes to the Competition

The fourth installment of Top Cow Productions' annual Talent Hunt is set to debut this September, and this time around, the Image Comics imprint founded by Marc Silvestri is making a few changes, and CBR has the exclusive first details.

The Talent Hunt, which seeks writers and artists who have not previously been published by a major company, will now be divided into two stages -- the first will start on Sept. 15, and end on Jan. 15 of next year. Selected entrants will then receive one paragraph of feedback from Top Cow, to be used to guide revisions for a resubmission by May 15. Additionally, one winner in each category will be a previous entrant, to encouraging aspiring creators to continue to participate, even if they don't win their first time out.

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"Two of the winners in the last round had previously submitted and we'd like to continue to reward those that participate," Top Cow President and COO Matt Hawkins told CBR. Last year's competition drew more than 800 combined entrants, according to Hawkins.

Additionally, the four scripts artists can choose from will all be from the "Aphrodite IX" corner of the Top Cow world: "Athena IX" #1 by Ryan Cady, "Apollo IX" #1 Ashley Victoria Robinson, "Artemis IX" #1 Dan Wickline or "Poseidon IX" #1 by Tini Howard. Robinson and Howard are both former Top Cow Talent Hunt winners.

"It's very gratifying to see the genuine excitement and thrill people get with their first published work. If you want to write or draw comic books, this is a solid opportunity," Hawkins said. "In our fourth Top Cow Talent Hunt we're doing something unique this time; we're allowing people to turn in their work, get feedback from us, and then rework it."

The rules, submission form and all four sample scripts can be downloaded via this link. The competition officially beings on Sept. 15.

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