EXCLUSIVE: Top Cow Talent Hunt 2016 Winners Revealed

Top Cow Productions' fourth Talent Hunt has wrapped, and CBR has the first word on this year's winners.

This year's Talent Hunt winners and runners-up were selected from a field of 804 entrants. In a change from previous installments, this most recent Talent Hunt was a two-stage process -- selected entrants received feedback from Top Cow, to guide revisions for a second submission. Additionally, a spot in each category was reserved for a previous entrant, to encouraging aspiring creators to continue to participate, even if they weren't selected their first time out.

Writing winners: Leon Glaser, Brendan Hodgdon

Writing runner-ups: Joanna Marsh, Charles Crapo (returnee)

Artist winners: Sara Knaepen (returnee), Balasz Valyogos

Artist runner-ups: Mark Whitaker, Marco Renna (returnee)

"The Top Cow Talent Hunt continues to provide an entry into the comic industry that gives both writers and artists a platform to show their work," Top Cow President and COO Matt Hawkins said. "Several past winners have gone on to full-time comics work and I'm very proud to see their work in comic shops every month!"

This year's Top Cow Talent Hunt ran from Sept. 15 to Jan. 15, with the second stage ending on May 15. The goal of the annual search is to find previously unpublished writers and authors, and give them exposure at the Image Comics partner studio. Top Cow has provided CBR with a look at the submitted work from the winners and runners-up in the artist category:

Sara Knaepen:

Balasz Valyogos:

Mark Whitaker:

Marco Renna:

Top Cow's first Talent Hunt debuted in 2012. Details of next year's competition have not yet been revealed.

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