EXCLUSIVE: Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015 Winners Revealed

Top Cow Productions' third-annual Talent Hunt has wrapped, and CBR has the exclusive first public word on this year's winners.

"Top Cow is very proud to bring another round of new blood into the industry," Top Cow President and COO Matt Hawkins. "Several of our previous winners have already found ongoing work in the industry, and we're excited to have been a part of that."

From a field of 587 entries, the Image Comics imprint has selected 2 winners and 3 runner-ups in the writing category, plus 2 winners and 2 runner-ups among artists.

Writing winners: Amit Chauhan, Charles Harmon

Writing runner-ups: Camilla Zhang, Paul Penna, Kelly Bender

Artist winners: Eli Powell, D.P Dwyer

Artist runner-ups: Jim Towe, Francesca Aureli

"On the other side of the more established publishers, most are closed shops without a means for new writers to submit material for review," Hawkins told CBR at the launch of last year's competition. "TV studios have writer programs to bring new blood in. Film execs have people to read spec scripts. The comic industry has nothing like this. I love our Talent Hunt and see it as one of the few options a new writer has in getting their work read. We look forward for doing it for years to come."

Additionally, Top Cow has provided CBR with a look at the submitted work from some of this year's winners and runner-ups. Amit Chauhan and Eli Powell, writer and artist winners, respectively, collaborated on an "Artifacts" story titled "Artifacts: An Alternate Path."

Artist winner D.P. Dwyer illustrated "Cyber Force" pages.

Jim Towe, an artist runner-up, wrote, pencilled, inked, colored and lettered a "Witchblade" story.

Fellow runner-up Francesca Aureli also drew Witchblade in action.

Top Cow's first Talent Hunt debuted in 2012. Another round is planned for later this year, scheduled to launch in July at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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