EXCLUSIVE: Tony Stark: Iron Man Welcomes Back Two Missing Marvel Heroes


In addition to featuring hundreds of different armors, and a the return of Tony Stark as the one true Iron Man, writer Dan Slott and artist Valerio Schiti will be expanding the supporting cast of the titular hero.

Not only will the pages of Tony Stark: Iron Man be populated with new characters, at least two familiar faces will factor into Slott and Schiti's plans: Jocasta and Bethany Cabe. And while Slott didn't discuss them with CBR in our latest interview, Marvel has provided us with a few of Schiti's character designs which reveal that the pair will play a role in Tony Stark's "fresh start" era.

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Jocasta was introduced in 1963, created by Ultron (by way of Jim Shooter and George Perez) to be his bride. She quickly turned on her would-be husband, opting to value human life rather than destroy it, and became a fan-favorite member of the Avengers. She was last a regular player in the Marvel Universe in the pages of 2014's Avengers: A.I., where she played a role in the short-lived series' final issues, having traded her robotic body for an existence as an A.I. -- a development that will be undone in the new series, as evidenced by Schiti's character designs. Prior to that, she was one of the teachers at Avengers Academy before that comic was canceled in 2013. She has appeared in several titles since then, though in smaller roles and flashbacks.

EXCLUSIVE: Valerio Schiti concept art for Tony Stark: Iron Man

Bethany Cabe, however, has been absent from the Marvel Universe for a longer period of time. First introduced in 1968 and created by Bob Layton, David Michelinie and John Romita Sr., Cabe was introduced as a love interest for Tony Stark, and while this was certainly true, she was also an accomplished fighter and bodyguard. She and Tony were an on-again, off-again couple for decades, wth the pair eventually settling on a platonic relationship which left her as the head of secrurity for Stark Enterprises. Her appearance in Tony Stark: Iron Man will be the first she's been seen in mainstream Marvel continuity since the release of Invincible Iron Man #527 in 2012

Tony Stark: Iron Man is expected to arrive in June 2018 from the creative team of Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti, with covers by Alexander Lozano.

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