EXCLUSIVE: Tony Moore's Poster For Horror Anthology <i>V/H/S/2</i>

Like all good horror-movie monsters, the found-footage anthology V/H/S has come back to life. A sequel is available on demand in the form of V/H/S/2, which centers on two private investigators looking into the disappearance of a college student. Their search leads them to find a large stack of TV sets and video tapes — including footage of the wrap-around sequence from the first V/H/S — as well as a laptop that's still recording video.

As with the first V/H/S, the sequel presents viewers with several short horror movies that cover a wide spectrum within the genre. One such short is director Eduardo Sanchez's "A Ride in the Park," shot entirely with a Go Pro camera mounted on a biker's helmet as he comes into conflict with a horde of zombies.

To celebrate the on-demand release of V/H/S/2 and its upcoming theatrical release on July 12, Magnet Releasing has given Spinoff Online an exclusive look at a new poster for the film, illustrated by comic book artist Tony Moore. It centers on "A Ride in the Park," and gives a sense of the gut-chewing gore you can expect from the film.

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