Exclusive: Tokyopop's cover art for <i>Priest: Purgatory</i>

Here's an advance look, courtesy of Tokyopop, at the cover art for Priest Purgatory, a four-part graphic novel that will bridge the gap between the manhwa Priest, which is published by Tokyopop, and the film based on it, which will star Paul Bettany (Legion, The Da Vinci Code) and Karl Urban (Star Trek). Tokyopop sales and distribution specialist Ariyana Edmond says this piece will likely be on one of the covers. Here's the skinny on volume 1:

Four young Priests and a Priestess (XLX-33, CXV-75, VI-16 and XV-45) are assigned a treacherous mission: to locate and recover a holy relic (the "Domas Porada") in a recently discovered vampire nesting ground. So treacherous in fact, that a first team of Priests (led by DC-66) had been sent on the same mission six months prior but never seen again. The Priests (and the regular soldiers they command) begin their long journey/battle through vampire-infested lands, their alliance as uncertain as the dangerous path ahead. Through the various soldiers we are given different perceptions of the Priests (some hate them, others celebrate them), and on the Priest side the tumultuous relationship between XLX-33 and CXV-75 threatens to derail the entire mission.

If you're curious about the original manhwa, it looks like the whole volume is online for free at the Tokyopop site.

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