EXCLUSIVE: Titan Comics Launches "Hard Case Crime" Imprint for Noir Enthusiasts

Titan Comics is bringing "Hard Case Crime" to comics in the form of a new imprint that will include a slate of noir series from all-star creators.

Kicking-off the imprint are two new crime series: "Triggerman" by writer Walter Hill, the acclaimed director of "The Warriors," and artist Matz ("Body and Soul"), and "Peepland" from crime authors Christa Faust & Gary Phillips and artist Andrea Camerini ("Il Troio"). Also launching in 2017 is a comic adaptation of author Max Allan Collins' "Quarry," which is currently being developed for television.

"We are so excited to be steering the Hard Case Crime series into a new frontier," Titan Direct Sales & Marketing Manager Ricky Claydon said in a press release. "We aim to bring to comics that same grit and gristle that Hard Case Crime is famous for!"

Titan has exclusively provided CBR News with the covers for "Peepland" #1 by Fay Dalton, Mack Chater, Alex Ronald, Caitlin Yarsky, Andrea Camerini, in addition to a page of interior art from Camerini.

Additionally, we have the first issue issue covers for "Triggerman" #1 by Jef, Dennis Calero, Fay Dalton, Robert Mack and Francisco Paronzini, along with interior art from the book by Jef.

"Peepland" #1 and "Triggerman" #1 release in October from Titan Comics.

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