EXCLUSIVE: "Time to Get Real" in Hitch's Latest "Real Heroes" Tease

The superstar artist behind "The Ultimates," "The Authority" and "America's Got Powers" has unveiled a bit more of his forthcoming Image Comics series "Real Heroes", and CBR News has the exclusive first look at an all-new promotional image for Bryan Hitch's newest project.

While the initial teaser released late last month contained only a logo and brief basic information, this one features a tagline hinting at the plot of "Real Heroes" -- "They're Done Acting, It's Time To Get Real" -- and a look at six characters, presumably the main cast of the series. As in the first teaser, Hitch is the sole listed creator of "Real Heroes," indicating that he's handling both writing and illustrating duties. His previous writing credits were limited to co-writing the final four issues of "America's Got Powers" with Jonathan Ross.

Keep reading CBR News for much more on "Real Heroes," debuting from Image in 2014.

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