EXCLUSIVE: Thor, Thanos and More in New Joe Jusko 'Corner Box' Marvel Variants

In February, Marvel will pay homage to corner boxes -- the boxes in the upper-left corner seen in Marvel Comics from the '60s through the '90s, featuring illustrations of the characters starring in the book -- with a series of 21 Marvel Corner Box variant covers drawn by celebrated veteran artist Joe Jusko.

A few corner box variants were introduced when the initiative was originally announced back in November, and CBR has the exclusive first look at four more: "The Mighty Thor" #16, "Punisher" #10, "Thanos" #4 and "Uncanny Avengers" #20, with the latter featuring a solo spotlight on cast member Cable.

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"We're elated to have Joe Jusko do a series of variant covers based on the classic Marvel corner boxes," Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel said in the initial press release announcing the covers. "Joe perfectly recaptures what made that artwork so iconic in the first place, and he’s bringing that sense of gravitas to some brand new Marvel Corner Boxes featuring modern characters like Spider-Gwen, Deadpool and more."

It's notable that Jusko's art for the Corner Box variants won't actually appear in the corner of the comic -- they'll be featured right in the center, to better show off the detail of the illustrations, but are drawn in dimensions reminiscent of the old-school corner boxes.

Here's a peek at what the final covers will look like, with Jusko's variant for "Nova" #3:

Marvel's Corner Box Variants will be on sale throughout the month of February.

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