EXCLUSIVE: Agent Cross Blasts into Orbit in The Weatherman #2 Preview Art

The Weatherman #1 introduced readers to a Martian world stricken with grief seven years after an attack on Earth seemingly destroys the planet, leaving Mars one of the few civilized rocks left in the solar system. Eccentric weatherman Nathan Bright is an answer to the despair, an exuberant personality who can break through the thick layer of grief, providing some televised levity for the people of Mars who are still deep in mourning. He also might be the one who doomed Earth.

Enter Agent Cross, an enigmatic officer who has been tailing Nathan, posing as his girlfriend while she secretly plots to arrest him for his crimes. That plan blew up in her face in The Weatherman #1 when a band of mercenaries set upon her and Nathan with murderous intent. The mercenaries lost their bout with the duo, but the fight blew Agent Cross’s cover, forcing her to show her hand and arrest Nathan.

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The series is the product of writer Jody LeHeup and artist Nathan Fox’s collaboration. According to LeHeup, the debut issue has sparked curiosity among the series’ nascent fanbase.

"Nathan and I and the whole creative team have been blown away by the response to the first issue of The Weatherman,” LeHeup said in a press release. “Fans are super excited to know where we go from here and we can't wait to show them. So incredibly cool to see the conversations issue one has already sparked knowing what's coming down the pike."

LeHeup went on to tease the events of The Weatherman #2, which you can get an exclusive sneak peek at below. The art teases Agent Cross departing Mars for a space station in orbit, her charge in tow. The art also implies that people at a higher pay grade than Agent Cross are not particularly excited about the way things went down on Mars. The issue promises to further explore the mysteries presented in Issue #1, like who exactly is Nathan Cross and what did he do?

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"In [Issue #2] we learn even more about our characters and world,” LeHeup said. “Who is Nathan Bright? Who is Agent Cross? Can Nathan possibly be responsible for the crime he's accused of? And WHY can't he remember? Along the way we're treated to more stunning art from Nathan Fox and Dave Stewart and another ending I guarantee readers won't see coming that will have them dying to get their hands on [Issue #3]."

Image Comics' The Weatherman #2 by Jody LeHeup, Nathan Fox and Dave Stewart will be available for purchase on July 18.

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