EXCLUSIVE: The Star Brand Assembles In Weaver's "Avengers" #8 Cover

Marvel Comics has provided a first look at Dustin Weaver's cover for "Avengers" #8 written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Adam Kubert that features the return of the Star Brand. A hand branded with the glowing glyph, last seen in Warren Ellis' "newuniversal" series, is the central focus of Weaver's cover. Traditionally, the Star Brand gives its bearer incredible, nearly god-like powers.

It is unknown at this point whether this Star Brand bearer is Kenneth Connell from Ellis' "newuniversal," one of the five previous wielders of the brand from its other iterations or an altogether new character, but Jonathan Hickman's enjoyment of "newuniversal" is well-known. The writer even reiterated it when pressed in a pre-"Avengers" #1 release Q&A with the CBR readers. When asked about an "Avengers" promo homage to the series, he simply said, "I've always liked that promo a lot. ... I like 'newuniversal' a lot. No surprise, I like Warren a lot."

Check out Weaver's cover below.

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