EXCLUSIVE: It's Raining Skulls in The Magic Order #4

In order to stop the killings and save their brother Gabriel, Cordelia and Regan must cut a deal with the devil (Madame Albany) in CBR's exclusive preview of The Magic Order #4.

Writer Mark Millar and artist Olivier Coipel bring the next chapter in the Millarworld/Netflix partnership, as desperate times call for desperate measures. While the siblings bargain with Madame Albany, she's conspiring to murder Gabriel and bring an end to the Magic Order once and for all.

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Making its debut in June, The Magic Order is the first comic book series published under the Netflix banner through Millar’s creator-founded Millarworld. The imprint was purchased by Netflix in August of last year, with Millar developing new intellectual property for the streaming service while continuing to publish new and returning comics as part of the acquisition agreement.

Below are the covers and solicitation text for The Magic Order #4, along with CBR's exclusive preview:

The Magic Order #4

  • (W) Mark Millar
  • (A/CA) Olivier Coipel
  • Cordelia and Regan bargain with Madame Albany to preserve what's left of The Magic Order, while she sets out to slaughter their brother Gabriel. Meanwhile The Horologium, a monster let loose from the fourth dimension, is shredding time and destroying human lives.
  • On Sale: Oct 03, 2018
  • $3.99

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