EXCLUSIVE: The Dirty Secret Behind "America's Got Powers"

This April, Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch may be out to prove "America's Got Powers" with their new Image Comics series, but it may turn out that America's got some problems as well. Today, the pair revealed a new teaser to CBR focusing on the world that provides the reality show-based serial's backdrop:

The sentiment of the piece falls in line with how Hitch described the series in a recent interview with CBR, saying, "The book takes its name from the title of the show. It's the environment the story takes place in, but it isn't the story any more than 'Gladiator' was about The Colosseum. That was Maximus' story, and to follow that analogy, this is Tommy's story, and it will take him through that arena in some form and his experiences there could reshape the world.

"Today's reality talent shows are modern day Roman Games, anyway, with fewer lions and less blood. They're no less brutal in their own way. We don't really care about those individuals; we just want them to entertain us. If they lose, we lose interest. Only the winners matter. We were all impressed with Susan Boyle and how she confounded expectations, but none of us should pretend we actually care about her as a person. She's just part of an entertainment program we followed. If she stopped singing today, we wouldn't ever really think about her.

"It's sort of like that for these kids. They've been locked away and experimented on, caused a riot and had a small impact on local society. It's only after the Games were conceived and they started kicking the shit out of each other for the public's weekly entertainment that the world took notice."

Stay tuned for more on "America's Got Powers" on CBR.

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