EXCLUSIVE: The "Black Hammer" World Expands with Ormston's #2 Cover

Dark Horse Comics' July 2015 solicitations are scheduled to be released this week, but before that, CBR has the exclusive first look at artist Dean Ormston's cover to "Black Hammer" #2, the soon-to-debut series from Ormston and writer Jeff Lemire, along with solicitation text for the issue.

Black Hammer #2

Jeff Lemire (W/Variant cover), Dean Ormston (A/Cover), and Dave Stewart (C)

On sale July 8

FC, 32 pages



The Golden Age heroes of Spiral City have been "erased" from existence! Banished years ago to a timeless farming community, the team are torn between accepting their fate and finding a way home! Chapter 2 focuses on child hero Golden Gail, whose unaging body most deeply feels the tragedy of their new lives.

• From the prodigious brain of Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Descender)!

• Comics-history variant cover by Lemire every issue!

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