EXCLUSIVE: The Android Starts a Bar Fight in New 'Dark Matter' Clip

Syfy has exclusively provided Spinoff Online a clip from Seaon 2, Episode 5 of "Dark Matter" -- airing tonight on Syfy -- titled "We Voted Not To Space You."

The new sneak peek sees The Android (Zoie Palmer) tracking down a gangster named Danny Bones at a bar, where things escalate rather quickly into an all-out brawl. Unfortunately for the thugs at the bar, they're not familiar with The Android's ass-kicking ability.

Check out the clip from tonight's "Dark Matter" below:

On the rigors of doing a lot of her own stunts, Zoe Palmer said in an interview (via creator Joseph Mallozzi's blog), "I have been hurt in stunt scenes but nothing major, bruises mainly. It’s to be expected that you may be a bit stiff or tender the day after a major fight sequence but overall they are very safe. We have an incredible stunt coordinator in John Stead and safety for him is paramount so I always feel completely relaxed trying anything he asks of me because I know he’s through it through a hundred times before bringing it to me."

"Dark Matter" airs Fridays at 10pm ET on Syfy.

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