EXCLUSIVE: Thanos #1 Proves the Mad Titan is Still Marvel's Most Twisted Villain

Thanos has never been one for unquestioning loyalty. At least not when it comes to how he views the warriors in his ranks. He'll sacrifice most anyone to snag a win, regardless of what he has promised them. Heck, there was an entire arc about the Mad Titan trolling the galaxy and executing all his estranged children, just because he thought one might rise up to defy him.

Now, in a preview for the upcoming Thanos #1, Marvel Comics reveals that Thanos would even sacrifice his own crewmembers for what amounts to a nebulous call to action. The preview starts with a group of bored mercenaries playing cards. One of those mercenaries, Ferox, wanders off to use the bathroom, at which point he is seemingly dismantled by Thanos, his captain.

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One of the mercenaries, Proxima Midnight, a longtime member of Thanos' Black Order, reveals that members of the ship's crew have been going missing, so this has apparently been going on for some time. The new Thanos miniseries is a prequel that recalls how Gamora became the Mad Titan's adoptive daughter. Before Thanos kills Ferox, he tell the merc that he's doing so "for her." The identity of the her in question is not revealed, but we'll surely find out when the series debuts later this month.

Thanos #1 goes on sale April 24. Tini Howard writes the issue. Ariel Olivetti provides the art. Jeff Dekal illustrates the cover.

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