EXCLUSIVE: Teen Titans #32 Preview Reveals Aftermath of Lobo's Rampage

The most recent arc of Adam Glass and Bernard Chang's Teen Titans has seen the titular team coming face-to-face with Lobo, who is after his daughter, Crush.  The deadly bounty hunter nearly killed her in the previous issue, but the preview for Teen Titans #32 shows she'll make a full recovery.

However, don't expect things to get easier for the Teen Titans, as the solicitation for the issue, which you can see below along with an exclusive preview provided to CBR by DC Comics, teases that Lobo's battle with the team is far from over.




  • written by ADAM GLASS
  • art by BERNARD CHANG
  • colored by Marcelo Maiolo
  • variant cover by ALEX GARNER
  • Lobo’s back—and he’s got his daughter, Crush, dead to rights! At least she can ask him about the identity of her mother, right? And as the Teen Titans square off against the Main Man, an enemy more sadistic than any they’ve ever faced before, questions about the team’s future are still hanging in the balance—that is, if they have any future at all!
  • Plus, Lobo wants a daughter he can be proud of. Crush wants nothing to do with her father. Lex Luthor is about to ruin Crush’s life.
  • ON SALE 07.17.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T
  • This issue will ship with two covers.

Teen Titans #32 hits shelves July 17.

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