EXCLUSIVE: Team Arrow Contemplates Infiltrating Darhk's Inner Circle

This week, "Arrow" viewers will finally get the answer to the show's biggest mystery: who is in the casket we've seen in flash-forwards all season long?

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While we don't have the answer to that question just yet, CBR does have an exclusive scene from tonight's game-changing episode, "11:59." Does the clip below, which finds Team Arrow contemplating the best move to make in order to take down Damian Darhk once and for all, hold a clue as to which member won't survive?

"This is the episode where you find out who's in the grave," Guggenheim told reporters following a screening of tonight's episode. "Dead is not goodbye," he added, while also acknowledging that the death is permanent.

"Arrow" airs on Wednesdays at 8 PM ET on the CW.

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