EXCLUSIVE: "Supercrooks" Trailer Teases Year Of Millarworld

Mark Millar has been preparing a whole new slate of comics and film projects under his Millarworld label for quite some time, now, and today, the writer is exclusively sharing with CBR News the two fronts where fans can learn the inside details of his plans in 2012!

First, starting January 9, Millar will unleash a special Millarworld Week right here on CBR. The week will include art previews of everything from his and Leinil Francis Yu's "Supercrooks" series to his and Dave Gibbons' "The Secret Service" to the still untitled collaboration with Frank Quitely to the future of his and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass" franchise. Plus, Millar promises new news of his various film and TV projects being prepped alongside his Millarworld Films banner.

Not to be outdone, Millar and Titan Magazines have announced a preview story that will be exclusive to "CLiNT" Magazine -- the serial comics anthology that now ships simultaneously in the U.S. and U.K. On March 28 of next year, "CLiNT" #15 hits comic shops and news agents with an exclusive prequel story to "Supercrooks." This short story by Millar and Yu will only be seen in "CLiNT" in advance of the series regular release as an Icon comic and as an ongoing "CLiNT" serial. Titan Editorial Manager Andrew James told CBR, "It's not a preview, not an excerpt -- it's an in-universe feature that delves deep into the sordid and compromising blackmail driving the story. And you won't read it anywhere else."

See an exclusive live-action trailer for the short story below and then read more about "CLiNT" #15 in the press release that follows:

Official Press Release

Mark Millar has written an all-new, in-continuity prequel leading-in to his hotly anticipated new series SUPERCROOKS. The lead-in will run exclusively in CLiNT, so make sure you read this before you pick up #1!

CLiNT, which has already boasted an exclusive first look at never before seen SUPERCROOKS artwork by co-creator Leinil Francis Yu, will run the lead-in feature written by Millar in CLiNT #15, on-sale March 28, 2012.

"It's a thrill to be able to publish this world-exclusive," said Editorial Manager Andrew James, "It's not a preview, not an excerpt, it's an in-universe feature that delves deep into the sordid and compromising blackmail driving the story. And you won't read it anywhere else. Supercrooks is going to be white-hot at the start of 2012, and this is a perfect opportunity to get yourself primed - whether you're reading it in single issues or awaiting the CLiNT serialization."

Plus, check out this exclusive, live-action CLiNT teaser trailer for Millar's SUPERCROOKS lead-in!

SUPERCROOKS, which was announced at last years Kapow! Comic-Con, has already been optioned as a film by Universal and is being co-written, produced and directed by Spanish director, Nacho Vigalondo.

Mark Millar on what readers can expect from SUPERCROOKS:"All the superheroes live in America, so why don't the supervillains just go somewhere else? I remember thinking that if I was the Joker or the Mirror Master or someone, I think I'd head for somewhere like Glasgow, where the worst thing that will happen is being chased by a fat cop. Supercrooks is about a bunch of supervillains who head to Spain for one last heist."

Don't miss this stunning issue of CLiNT magazine: 100 pages of jaw-dropping action and awesome value! Discover the secrets of the forthcoming SUPERCROOKS with an exclusive in-continuity lead-in by Mark Millar! Read the extra-sized finale of KICK-ASS, the stunning epilogue of SUPERIOR, a WORLD EXCLUSIVE new chapter of REX ROYD, and confront the shambling horrors of Afghanistan in GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES! Plus: a sneak peek at our immense plans for the rest of 2012!

Retailers can order CLiNT #15 NOW from the January issue of PREVIEWS.

CLiNT #15 will be available at comic stores and newsstands on March 28, 2012 US, 29 March 2011 UK, priced $6.99/£4.25

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