EXCLUSIVE: Steve Orlando Previews New Series Namesake (Part 3)

Writer Steve Orlando and artist Jakub Rebelka have teamed for "Namesake," a new four-issue fantasy series debuting this month from BOOM! Studios. Over the next few days, CBR will present an exclusive serialized first look at "Namesake" #1, along with commentary from Orlando on each section of the preview.

Here's part 3 -- pages six through eight from issue #1 -- and if you're looking to catch up:

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Steve Orlando: "This is where things blow up -- and the way Jakub brought this fight to life is so important. It's not glamorous. It's bloody, it's primal, and the contrast he creates between the placid Jordan we saw and the exploding anger of his attack is wonderful. We know instantly the deep cuts of contrast in Jordan's mind and heart. He wants to blend in, to help people in his job, but there's something in him he is always struggling to make work, something he's struggling to control. Jakub punches up this story moment so beautifully -- the snap change in Jordan to frothing anger that snaps back just as quickly. Jordan's not surprised by it, and we wonder why."

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"And then, from the crowd... someone who isn't surprised by Jordan's actions either."

"But then, we slowly unfurl the next part of Jordan's life. Which Jordan does Sid know? Which Jordan would be surprising?"

Check back with CBR tomorrow for more from Steve Orlando on "Namesake"!

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