EXCLUSIVE: Steve Orlando Previews New Series Namesake

Writer Steve Orlando and artist Jakub Rebelka have teamed for "Namesake," a new four-issue fantasy series debuting this month from BOOM! Studios. Over the next few days, CBR will present an exclusive serialized first look at "Namesake" #1, along with commentary from Orlando on each section of the preview.

Here's part 2 -- the fourth and fifth pages of issue #1 -- and if you're looking to catch up:

Part 1: EXCLUSIVE: Steve Orlando Introduces New BOOM! Studios Series Namesake

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Steve Orlando: "Jakub did an amazing job here with our first appearance of a Sidhan sympathizer. We begin to see there is more to Jordan than stoic strength—he’s well known on Ektae, among some circles at least, and he doesn’t like it. The world of NAMESAKE existed long before this story and it will exist long after, and it’s important to feel these characters have histories that extend beyond the page. Jakub is so key to that, creating a world that feels lived-in, rugged, alive, and debauched. I particularly love how he balances the smug, vaudeville-style expressions on the Sidhan criminal compared to Jordan’s quiet facade with rage under the surface."

Check back with CBR tomorrow for more from Steve Orlando on "Namesake"!

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