EXCLUSIVE: Steve Orlando Introduces New BOOM! Studios Series Namesake

Writer Steve Orlando has become a star creator at DC Comics, writing high-profile superhero series including "Supergirl," "Midnighter" and the upcoming "Justice League of America." Yet he first came to industry prominence with the creator-owned "Undertow" at Image Comics, and he's got a new original series debuting at BOOM! Studios this month: "Namesake," a four-issue fantasy series illustrated by Jakub Rebelka.

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Over the next five days on CBR, we'll unveil an exclusive serialized chunk of "Namesake" #1 daily, accompanied by commentary from Orlando on each section. The preview starts with the first three pages, illustrated by Rebelka and lettered by Thomas Mauer. Read on for the preview, plus detailed thoughts from Orlando.

Steve Orlando: "Welcome to 'Namesake' -- and welcome to the world boiling at the intersection of Ektae and Earth, brought to you by Jakub Rebelka, Thomas Mauer and myself. These are two separate worlds, with separate people and separate laws of physics thanks to the Typhic Force, a concept that does not exist on Earth, and lets the Sidhans, residents of Ektae, work 'magic' by influence gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force.

"Every seven years, for hundreds of years, our world aligns with Ektae. And then the commerce begins. Or so it used to be -- now, as powerbrokers meet in skyscrapers, our cultures blend across the portal line for a more raw, physical, cultural exchange. Our worlds are similar, but tensions grow, judgement festers, and our fascination with a world of no responsibility and no rules has driven gross consumption. It's a vacation in a fantasy world where your problems don't go through the portal with you. For seven days, every seven years, we are Blessed. What happens in Ektae stays in Ektae, right?

"Except when it doesn’t. Meet Jordan Molossus, a firefighter who thought his parents died when he was young. But tonight, he’s finding out the truth. His parents were not dead, but now they are. And the forces that drove them to hide themselves from Jordan, to cut him out of their lives for his own protection, have come to roost. But Jordan is not willing to look away. He leans in. Now that he knows there is more to his story he will stop at nothing to turn each successive page, to find the truth, by burying his parents in the place they met. On the other side of the Portal.

"Jordan is going to Ektae. And Ektae might not be happy to have him.

"These first few pages by Jakub set the tone -- they show how we as a culture become desensitized to wonder, and eventually the fantastic becomes the mundane, the commodified, and the dangerous. Are we strong enough to commune with a world where we don’t see responsibility? What happens if that worlds disagrees?"

Check back with CBR tomorrow for more from Orlando on "Namesake"!

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