EXCLUSIVE: Steampunk Variants Coming to DC Comics in February

Steampunk -- both a sci-fi subgenre and an aesthetic, driven by a fascination with steam-powered machinery -- has long had an association with comic books. Comic book conventions attract scads of multiple steampunk-inspired cosplayers, Dynamite Entertainment recently announced "Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure", and Chris Bachalo and Joe Kelly teamed on a series simply titled "Steampunk" back in 2000.

DC Comics gets in on the action in February 2014, with a series of 20 steampunk-influenced variant covers, spread throughout their New 52 publishing line. No finished steampunk covers are yet available, but CBR News can exclusively share which titles will get the variant treatment, in advance of DC's February 2014 solicitations, arriving on Monday afternoon.

"Justice League" #28

"Justice League of America" #12

"Justice League Dark" #28

"Aquaman" #28

"The Flash" #28

"Wonder Woman" #28

"Batman/Superman" #8

"Earth 2" #20

"Superman/Wonder Woman" #5

"Action Comics" #28

"Superman" #28

"Batman" #28

"Detective Comics" #28

"Batgirl" #28

"Batman and Two-Face" #28

"Batwoman" #28

"Nightwing" #28

"Green Lantern Corps" #28

"Green Lantern: New Guardians" #28

"Teen Titans" #28

The steampunk variants follow the publisher's January "Scribblenauts" covers, meaning DC Comics will issue themed variant covers for two consecutive months; something of a departure from the company. Keep reading CBR for the eventual first look at the steampunk variant covers.

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