EXCLUSIVE: Spidey/Obama Second Printing Variant

In response to concerns about the potentially limited availability of "Amazing Spider-Man" #583, the January 14-shipping issue guest-starring U.S. President Elect Barack Obama, Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at the second-printing variant cover for this most anticipated release. Prompted by the national media attention, Marvel issued the following statement:

"To meet the overwhelming demand for 'Amazing Spider-Man' #583, Marvel is going back to press with 'Amazing Spider-Man' #583 Second Printing Variant. Marvel is rushing this to the printers over the weekend and urges all retailers to use Diamond Code NOV088096 to place orders by Monday to best ensure that they have quantity in stock for the upcoming historic United States Presidential Inauguration. Everyone at Marvel appreciates the overwhelming support from press, retailers and fans for this momentous issue of 'Amazing Spider-Man' and continues to everything possible to make sure this issue is available to all readers, new and old."

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