Exclusive 'Spider-Man' video, 'Punisher' casting, 'Dredd' progress: Comics2Film wrap for May 14th, 2003


Filming on "The Amazing Spider-Man" continues in downtown New YorkCity.

A few weeks back Comics2Film/CBR News readers got a nice look at some exclusivepictures from the set of the shoot, including an exterior shot of OttoOctavius' offices.

Now, Pete B. of Short-BusComics sends in another round of images and also an exclusive video ofSpidey in action. These images were taken by Angela Samson during this week'sfilming. Click the thumbnails for a full-size look:

If those photos weren't cool enough, Angela also managed to capture a quickvideo clip of Spidey swinging through the trees like Tarzan. Tip your monitor onits side and then clickhere to watch the 560kb MPEG video (Windows or Real Media playersrequired). 



Thomas Jane's "Punisher" now has his nemesis according to today's Variety.John Travolta has been cast to play the villain in the upcoming Artisan featurebased on Marvel's tormented hero.

Travolta plays a character, created just for the movie, named Howard Saint.Saint is described as "a former underworld figure who goes straight but returns toold habits after his son is slain," a character not unlike the Punisherhimself. Naturally the two men are drawn into conflict with one another.

Travolta mounted his big-screen comeback playing a criminal in "PulpFiction," years ago. Since then his most memorable parts have been playingheavies in movies like "Broken Arrow," "Face/Off" and"Swordfish."

Filming on "The Punisher" is set to begin in July with an eyetoward a summer 2004 release.

In other "Punisher" news, SuperheroHype has posted an image of the teaser poster for the movie. The posterutilizes the skull that was seen in the recentlyreleased publicity photo.



Shoreline Entertainment recently announcedthe formation of Riptide Entertainment, a genre movie division that wouldspearhead the development of two "Judge Dredd" movies.

Comics2Film/CBR News checked in with producer Jason Kingsley about progressbeing made on the dual productions. Kingsley tells us that a late-summer filmingstart is "looking very good" on the back-to-back movies.

"The budgets look like they're going up as well, given the massivepositive feedback and excitement we've been receiving from distributors and fansalike," Kingsley said.

The producer reports that they are in negotiations with a director as wespeak and hope to move on casting as soon as the director is locked.

For insights into the movie's plotlines, Dredd fans are directed to synopsesfor JudgeDredd: Dredd Reckoning and JudgeDredd: Possession which were recently posted on the Shoreline Entertainmentwebsite.

Kingsley tells us that these synopses do reflect the current scripts, butcautions that things could change when the director is finalized.

Thanks to Dredd head Scojo for the lead!

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