EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Gwen Swings Into "Marvel Puzzle Quest"

Much like sharks, mobile games must keep moving or they die. This is why "Marvel Puzzle Quest" -- which mixes "Bejeweled"-ish match-3 gameplay with elements of role-playing and strategy -- is constantly adding new characters to its already robust roster. And today, CBR News has the exclusive announcement of the next hero to make her "Puzzle Quest" debut: the amazing, spectacular and all-around sensational Spider-Gwen.

Starting February 11, players will be able to win the character during the next "Deadpool Vs. Marvel Puzzle Quest PVE" event. Or, players can purchase a blind pack of characters (think baseball cards or those toys they sell at the counters of comic book stores with the sealed opaque boxes) in hopes of securing the character for their roster.

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To talk about how Spider-Gwen made it to the game, and what went into translating her from comic pages to the game screen, CBR spoke with Bill Rosemann, the Creative Director for Marvel Games. Plus, Rosemann shared a ton of new art featuring the arachnid hero, in costume, and in her other identity as the drummer for The Mary Janes.

CBR News: Spider-Gwen was an instant fan favorite when she arrived in comics. Who first suggested adding her to "Marvel Puzzle Quest?"

Bill Rosemann: I don't remember the exact chain of events. It may have been someone at D3 [the game's publisher] who said "Spider-Gwen" is their new favorite comic, or it could've been us. What I do know is, as you said, the character took off right away, and with the upcoming event where she, Spider-Woman and Silk are all starring in a new storyline, it seemed like a good time to add her to the game. That's one of the things about Marvel Games -- we're in constant contact with both the editors and the people who make our games, which means we can turn things around rather quickly.

That said, we never tell [the developers making Marvel games] what to do because some characters that may work for one game won't work in another. Instead, we help them to create the best game they can. We stay in contact with them and talk to them about what their plans are and what we're doing as well. And not just in the comics, but in the movies and on TV as well. When we have something going on with a character -- whether it's a new storyline, a new movie, or even a new costume -- we'll tell them that this might be a good time to do something.

What is it about Spider-Gwen that you felt would work for "Marvel Puzzle Quest?"

First, there's her design. I think it's one of the greatest modern superhero designs, and it struck such a chord with readers. There's something about her look -- the use of pink and turquoise, her hoodie -- there's something about her that's instantly appealing.

It's also her body language, which gives you a sense of her personality, her punk rock sensibility, and youthful attitude. There's also something intriguing about how she's a Spider-Man character who comes from a world where Gwen Stacy lived, but Peter Parker died. She also has a great power set that works really well in "Marvel Puzzle Quest."

From the pictures you sent us for us this piece, Spider-Gwen appears to look the same in the game as she does in the comics. Did they use Robbi Rodriguez's designs for the basis of the game's take on the character?

It's completely original art created by the game's art staff. But I'm glad you brought up Robbi, because we shared all of the existing art with him. You can tell, when you look at in the game, that it has the same personality as Robbie's art.

It's always on a case-by-case basis whether we get an artist to help out with a game. When we added Squirrel Girl, we asked Erica Henderson to help out, because she was doing a new design of the character around the time we were going to add her to the game.

A lot depends on the artist's schedule. We have an unspoken agreement with the editors at Marvel that we will never negatively impact a comic. We'll never make a comic late because of a game. The comics take priority.

Obviously, there will be more characters coming to "Marvel Puzzle Quest." Are there any other big things you can talk about yet? Maybe to coincide with "Captain America: Civil War," or "Civil War 2."

While I can't reveal exactly what's coming to "Marvel Puzzle Quest," or to any of our games, what I can say is that the introduction of Spider-Gwen is just the tip of the iceberg, and that we're looking to what's going on in the comic, the movies, and the TV shows for new ideas with all of our games.

"Marvel Puzzle Quest" is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, iOS, and Android; "Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign" is out now for Xbox One. Spider-Gwen arrives February 11.

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