EXCLUSIVE: Skybound Offers New "Walking Dead" Merch and More at Comic-Con

This year's installment of the always-massive Comic-Con International in San Diego is a little more than three weeks away, and CBR has the first look at what Robert Kirkman's Image Comics division, Skybound Entertainment, will offer for sale to fans at the show -- both variant issues and collected editions plus toys and merchandise; all exclusive to the convention.

On the single-issue front, Skybound will offer con-specific versions of July 2014's "The Walking Dead" #129 and "Manifest Destiny" #8, with adjoining covers by Matthew Roberts and Owen Gieni. They will be sold for $10 each, limited to 5,000 copies.

"Walking Dead" will also be heavily represented on the merchandise front at Comic-Con, including a vinyl mini replica of Lucille, Negan's barbed wire baseball bat that's been utilized to brutal effect in the comic book series. It's limited to 2,500 pieces, and will cost $40.

If you're a fan of Ezekiel, self-appointed King of The Kingdom in "The Walking Dead" comic book, Comic-Con 2014 has more for you than you could reasonably expect, with an action figure ($25) and a version of his star-patterned shirt ($40, 500 pieces) both available via Skybound. The figure is from McFarlane Toys and the shirt is designed by Jinx; both frequent "Walking Dead" partners.

In further "Walking Dead" merch, Skybound's making available PVC miniature 2-packs of Abraham, Andrea and Jesus; each paired with a zombie. They're $10 each from October Toys, who have released similar "Walking Dead" figures, and come in four colors -- grey, grey with "blood splatter" (250 pieces) and purple and glow in the dark (500 pieces).

Skybound gets into blind box territory with "Skybound Minis," featuring figures of "Walking Dead" star Rick Grimes and Invincible from, well, "Invincible." The $20 two-pack will feature both characters, but with six possible colors for each figure -- and true to blind box form, you don't know which one you get until you open it up.

The Image imprint will also have a quarter of con-exclusive hardcovers for sale. From left: "Dead Body Road" Vol. 1 ($30, 500 pieces, collecting issues #1-#6), "Manifest Destiny" Vol. 1 ($30, 1000 pieces, collecting #1-#6), "Thief of Thieves" Vol. 3 ($30, 500 pieces, collecting #14-#19) and "Witch Doctor" Vol. 1 ($30, 300 pieces, collecting #0-#4).

Also available: A new version of the "Invincible" Compendium 2 collecting issues #48-#96 ($100, 500 copies) and a "Tech Jacket" #1 foil cover ($10, 1,000 copies).

Finally, those looking to tell time Skybound style at the show can try the "Manifest Destiny" watch, signed by the book's creative team of writer Chris Dingess and artist Matthew Roberts. It's the latest collaboration between Skybound and Vannen Watches; $75 and limited to 150 pieces.

This year's Comic-Con International in San Diego takes place July 24-July 27 at the San Diego Convention Center, with preview night on July 23.

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