EXCLUSIVE: Simone Bianchi's Pencils For "Thanos Rising"

During its presentation at this week's ComicsPRO event, a convention attended solely by retailers and publishers to discuss industry issues, Marvel Comics shared a look at Simone Bianchi's interior art from his and writer Jason Aaron's upcoming "Thanos Rising" miniseries. Marvel has since provided CBR News with an exclusive preview of the pages.

"I don't want to do a book that has easy answers," Aaron told CBR about his take on the Mad Titan's origin story. "A lot of that comes down to the nature versus nurture argument. Was Thanos born a monster with something evil inside him? Was what he became predetermined by his genetics?

"Yes, there is something genetically different about this guy. He's not like the other Eternals on Titan, but could he have grown up under different circumstances and been an even greater leader than his father was and continued the paradise that existed on Titan? Was he warped and corrupted by the circumstances of his childhood and upbringing?"

Check out the pages below and stay tuned to CBR for more on "Thanos Rising" as it becomes available.

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