EXCLUSIVE: Simone and Calafiore Bring "Leaving Megalopolis" to Dark Horse

Writer Gail Simone and artist Jim Calafiore's Kickstarter-funded original graphic novel "Leaving Megalopolis" will find a new life at Dark Horse Comics this September, CBR can exclusively reveal.

"I had just been up to the Dark Horse offices in Portland, talking about taking on a project with them, and it was lovely to see the care and dedication they put into each book," Simone, who writes "Tomb Raider" for the publisher, told CBR News. "They care about the art of correctly packaging a book in a meaningful way, and each one is handled individually according to its needs."

Simone and Calafiore, who worked together on DC Comics' "Secret Six," launched the Kickstarter for the creator-owned book in August 2012, raising $117,660 from a $34,000 goal. Books started shipping last fall, and a digital version is slated to debut on comiXology.

"This book is a labor of love from myself and artist/co-creator Jim Calafiore," Simone said. "In particular, Jim just worked tirelessly to make it as beautiful as he possibly could, and when the Kickstarter became a success, we didn't just pocket it, we hired the best colorist and best letterer, we opted for the best printing, the nice paper, all the stuff that made it look as spectacular as it does (I'm not boasting here, this is all Jim's doing, he just was amazing the entire time)."

The Dark Horse printing will be a 120-page hardcover with a cover price of $14.99 -- the same price as a copy of the book on the Kickstarter campaign for orders within the continental United States. Dark Horse's "Leaving Megalopolis" will have a new cover by Calafiore.

"We've just been inundated with people asking for copies who didn't hear about the Kickstarter at the time, and even people who got a copy have asked us to print more," Simone said to CBR. "This way, the backers still have a unique edition, but everyone who wants to can read the story, which is the goal in the end, anyway. Jim and I did this book because we wanted to tell the story."

"Leaving Megalopolis" is set in a superhero universe "gone horribly wrong," where civilians band together against the threat of their former protectors. Simone told CBR that she and Calafiore have a sequel in mind, and that an announcement may come soon.

"The demand has been phenomenal, one of the most amazing things I have participated in in comics," the writer said. "People want to know more. I have a sequel that I think will blow the doors off. We have some things we are finishing up, little bonus things and fulfillments, but I think we have to go back. The story I want to tell is just an entirely different animal and really expands the tale."

Dark Horse's printing of "Leaving Megalopolis" is scheduled for release on Sept. 10.

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