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EXCLUSIVE: Silver Sable’s Back with a Marvel Legacy One-Shot

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EXCLUSIVE: Silver Sable’s Back with a Marvel Legacy One-Shot

You don’t need super powers to be a successful soldier of fortune in the Marvel Universe, so long as you’re cunning, have incredible combat skills, and a large helping of tenacity. Of course, the backing of a small European country and a team of highly-trained operatives doesn’t hurt, either. Silver Sable, of course, possesses all of those traits, and over the years she’s put them to good use. Sable rose to prominence as guest star in a number of Spider-Man comics in the ’80s before graduating to her own series in 1992, Silver Sable & the Wild Pack, which ran for 35 issues. Since then, she’s appeared in a number of Marvel books, including “Ends of the Earth,” a 2012 Amazing Spider-Man story which saw her die.

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Well, appear to die, at least. While she was gone, Sable took advantage of her “death” to strike back at several of her enemies, a ruse she maintained until recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man where she stepped out of the shadows to help Spidey liberate her homeland of Symkaria from the grip of Norman Osborn and his allies.

This November, Sable’s return continues with a vengeance with the release of the Marvel Legacy one-shot, Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #36, by novelist Christa Faust and artist Paulo Siqueria. The issue not only continues the numbering of her previous series, it sends Sable on a deadly mission that will test her and her team’s mettle.

CBR: Christa, best known for your work as a prose novelist, though you recently broke into the world of comics with Peepland, a miniseries you co-wrote with Gary Phillips for Titan’s Hardcase Crime imprint. Now you’re sort of getting your feet wet in the Marvel Universe with Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #36. What’s that been like?

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Christa Faust: Even though this is only my second comic project, I’ve been writing tie-ins and novelizations for over a decade. I’ve written for a wide variety of film and television properties including Supernatural, Fringe, Nightmare on Elm Street and everybody’s favorite, Snakes on a Plane. I love being invited to play in established universes. It can be a challenge to find fresh and interesting ways to present preexisting characters while still staying true to the established cannon, but it’s the kind of challenge I really enjoy.

And, yeah, of course writing comics is very different than prose. It’s distilled and ultra lean and far more visual than internal. It’s also a collaborative process and requires more of a team mindset than pecking away on a novel all by yourself in your writer-cave. Mostly I’m just working hard and trying to keep my eyes and ears open when I’m around people with more comic experience than I have so far. I’m lucky to have a lot of friends in the comic business who are willing to let a newbie like me pick their brains. I’ve been working with a great team at Marvel. Ultimately, I guess it will be up to the readers to judge whether or not I’ve made my bones, but in the meantime, I’m just trying to have fun with it.

What’s your sense of Silver Sable? Which aspects of her character were you especially interested in exploring?

Silver Sable is the perfect character for me to dip my toes into the Marvel universe. While I’ve done work in other genres, I’m primarily a hardboiled crime writer. I’m particularly attracted to gritty, complex stories in which the line between good and evil isn’t always so clear. Silver Sable is nobody’s hero, but she’s not an evil villainess either. She has no superhuman powers, she’s just an extraordinarily tough woman trying to make her own way through a treacherous and violent world. She’s morally flexible when she needs to be, but still has a heart. And hey, I love a bad ass chick with silver hair, because my hair started going silver at a young age too. I’ve finally stopped dyeing it dark, and from now on I’m going to tell people I’m not getting older, I’m just cosplaying Silver Sable!

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