EXCLUSIVE: Silk Slings Webs In Skottie Young Variant

Marvel's newest web-slinger swings into action this February in "Silk" #1. Like pretty much every Marvel hero that has preceded Silk, the publisher's latest solo hero has received a youthful image overhaul courtesy of fan favorite artist Skottie Young. Marvel Comics has provided Comic Book Resources with an exclusive first look at this variant cover, which finds Silk dropping in on some unseen action via two weblines.

The superhero also known as Cindy Moon made her debut as part of "Amazing Spider-Man's" tie-in with "Original Sin." The storyline revealed that the spider that gave Peter Parker arachnid powers didn't stop after biting one human; Cindy's ankle was actually the last thing the spider bit before dying, thus giving her similar spider powers. Now she's jumping into action alone for the first time after teaming up with other spider-heroes during the "Spider-Verse" storyline.

Writer Robbie Thompson and artist Stacey Lee will be handling Silk's ongoing adventures. Thompson spoke to CBR during New York Comic-Con about what to expect during "Silk's" opening arc. "Cindy is definitely a part of the Spider-Man universe," said Thompson. "So she's going to run into some pretty classic Spider-Man villains. She'll also see Spidey and Peter Parker as parts of her world, but also, especially in our first and second arcs, we're going to meet some new villains unique to her that we're introducing to the Marvel Universe."

You can check out Skottie Young's variant cover below.

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