EXCLUSIVE: She-Hulk Serves Face In Fierce Series Finale Cover

The latest volume of "She-Hulk" may be coming to a close, but cover artist Kevin Wada has provided a final cover that will stick with readers for a long time. Marvel Comics has provided Comic Book Resources with an exclusive first look at the cover for "She-Hulk #12, which features the titular character front-and-center, impeccably dressed, defiantly posed and cracking her knuckles.

"She-Hulk" #12 ships in early February, bringing to a close the critically acclaimed series by writer Charles Soule and interior artist Javier Pulido. "She-Hulk's" end was announced in October, a development that inspired an outpouring of emotion from the series' fans. This volume of "She-Hulk" closed out the year by landing in the top ten of CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2014.

Soule shared his thoughts on the series' early end following the announcement in an interview with CBR. "I'm really more focused on what we all did with this title -- I've been hearing repeatedly that this is a book that reaches an audience outside what might be considered a 'standard' set of readers of superhero comics," said Soule. "Lots of people are sharing "She-Hulk" with their young daughters, for example, which makes me incredibly happy. I dunno -- we made something we're all very proud of, it connected with people and it's not like it will all disappear once issue #12 hits the stands. The stories will still be here."

This glamorous and powerful final cover should help assuage the sadness fans feel over losing the series; judging by the look in her eyes, this is a She-Hulk that feels ready to fight her way back into the spotlight. You can check out Kevin Wada's cover below.

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