EXCLUSIVE: Set Photos from "The Dark Knight"

It's another busy day in Gotham City.

Our Windy City pal Tom Stillwell wrote in to note he saw a "SWAT truck and two prop semi trucks ... The trucks are copies of one another and both for a fake amusement park. The slogan on the side reads 'Laughter is the best medicine!' but an 'S' has been sprayed in front to make it 'Slaughter.' One of the trucks has a bullet riddled windshield."

Oh, and he sent along photos too (click for larger versions) ...

Meanwhile, a cape-whipping in the wind, Batpod rolling down the Chicago streets -- must be time for another YouTube surprise ...

Finally, Superhero Hype has what's allegedly a description of the trailer we'll see attached to prints of "The Simpsons Movie," which doesn't reveal any real spoilers.

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