EXCLUSIVE: See The Villain You Can Become In "Supercrooks" #2

Mark Millar is at it again, inviting readers to bid for a chance to become a character in one of his Millarworld titles. On the heels of fans like Dave Lizewski who became "Kick-Ass" and Blake Morrow who fought "Nemesis," Millar is auctioning off the name rights to the villain of he and Leinil Yu's "Supercrooks" this morning.

Fans can check out this eBay auction to bid for the naming rights for the villain of the just launched Icon series, who up to this point has only been referred to as the Bastard. As usual, Millar plans to donate the proceeds to charity. Millar's auction description reads as follows:

"Win a chance to name the super-villain in the latest Millarworld project. Supercrooks was created by Mark Milar (Kick-Ass), Nacho Vigalondo (Time-Crimes) and Leinil Yu (Avengers, Superior) and this project has appeared everywhere this week from the Hollywood Reporter to the Huffington Post. The movie teaser, directed by Oscar-nominated Vigalondo, helped to create a frenzy this week and an immediate sell-out of the first issue. Like Dave Lizewski in Kick-Ass and the lead characters in Superior, Nemesis and The Secret Service, this is your chance to be immortalised in a comic-book and any future Hollywood adaptations."

Check eBay now for your chance at comic book glory (or infamy), and look below for a special exclusive preview of Yu's art for issue #2 featuring the villain in all his glory!

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