EXCLUSIVE: "Secret Wars" Gets Retro Action Figure Blister Pack Variants

Marvel is also making sure that the previous "Secret Wars" series gets plenty of attention during the big event. There's a new limited series, "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars," that inserts the Merc with a Mouth into the events of the 1984 series, and there are replicas of the original "Secret Wars" coloring, activity and sticker books being released as well.

Now, Marvel is giving off more vintage vibes with a new set of "Secret Wars" action figure variants from artist John Tyler Christopher. The variants will be featured on 17 covers total, including all eight issues of the main "Secret Wars" series by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic. These eight covers will feature characters from the original '80s "Secret Wars" toy line. Nine other "Secret Wars" series will have action figure variants for their debut issues; these variants will depict modern characters done in the style of '80s toys.

You can check out the variants for "Secret Wars" #1, "Secret Wars: Battleworld" #1 and "Secret Wars: Journal" #1 below.

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