EXCLUSIVE: Black Widow Pulls Strings on Secret Empire: Uprising Cover

Whenever a tyrant takes power, a resistance forms to combat them. Such will be the case when Steve Rogers, better known as the original Captain America, reveals himself to be a life-long Hydra agent and takes control of the government in the name of the terrorist organization in Marvel Comics' "Secret Empire" event.

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Rogers' Secret Empire Will Face an Uprising

While most details regarding the resistance remain somewhat shrouded in secrecy, CBR has the exclusive first word on who some of the rebels are that will oppose Hydra's evil regime. In June, the "Secret Empire: Uprising” one-shot by writer Derek Landy and artist J. Cassara will document the Black Widow's attempt to curtail Rogers' reign. The former Soviet spy and current Avenger will recruit Miles Morales (Spider-Man), Joaquin Torres (the Falcon), Amadeus Cho (the Totally Awesome Hulk), Riri Williams (Ironheart), Nadia Pym (the Unstoppable Wasp) and the Vision's daughter, Viv to aid her in toppling Cap's Secret Empire. You can see all of the heroes, with the Black Widow somewhat unsettlingly depicted as a puppet master, in the exclusive reveal of artist Meghan Hetrick's cover for the one-shot, below.

"The way we're building the one-shots for 'Secret Empire' is that these are integral to the main story," editor Alanna Smith told CBR in an interview. "So when you read 'Secret Empire' #3, you'll see the jumping off point where 'Uprising' starts. You can go right from #3 to 'Uprising,' and then 'Uprising' tees up events that will happen later in the series. It's really a critical part of reading this event."

"They are really in the deep end here," Landry told CBR of the situation his young heroes find themselves in when the Black Widow brings them together. "They're given an assignment that's the complete opposite of the espionage, spy work and black ops they're expecting because they're being trained by the master of all those disciplines, the Black Widow. So essentially they have to take what she's teaching them and apply it to a most unusual situation where they don't quite get to be as cool as James Bond, but they struggle on."

Marvel's "Secret Empire: Uprising” one-shot, by writer Derek Landy and artist J. Cassara, stands against Hydra in June.

EXCLUSIVE: Artist Meghan Hetrick's cover for Marvel's "Secret Empire: Uprising" one-shot
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