EXCLUSIVE: Second Coming #2 Introduces Us to Heaven’s… Food Court?

AHOY Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive look at Second Coming #2, by writer Mark Russell, artists Richard Pace and Troy Leonard as well as colorist Andy Troy.

Second Coming, which was originally slated to be published by Vertigo, is a satirical comic book series in which Jesus Christ is forced to learn to be humanity's savior from a superhero named Sunstar. The preview for issue #2 shows Heaven's food court, which contains such famously defunct or near-extinct chains such as Burger Chef and Chi-Chi's, as Sunstar has a heart-to-heart conversation with God. The end of the preview shows the devil tempting Jesus in the desert, providing a humorous twist on the biblical story.

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You can see CBR's exclusive preview below along with the solicitation for the issue and Amanda Conner's cover.

The book everyone’s talking about! When a weirdo stalks and threatens Sunstar’s girlfriend, Jesus tries to prevent the superhero from succumbing to rage—but God has other plans. Plus AHOY’s customary offerings of illustrated short prose fiction.

Second Coming #2 hits shelves August 14 and retails for $3.99. The issue also features illustrated short fiction.

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