EXCLUSIVE: Get Into The Game With Scholastic's Glitch Cover Reveal

If you were a kid that grew up with a video game system like the Nintendo or the Sega Genesis, it's likely you daydreamed of putting the controller down and hopping into your favorite games to fight alongside the likes of Mario, Luigi and Sonic the Hedgehog.

A new comic from Sarah Graley and Scholastic called Glitch looks to recreate that same feeling. Graley handles the writing and art for Glitch, which ponders the question, “What would it be like to get magically transported into a video game?” The cover to Glitch, which CBR can exclusively reveal, is below and features Izzy, Eric, and Rae, the stars of the story. Along with the cover is a quote from Graley describing her inspiration for Glitch.

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“Glitch is a story all about friendship, video games and secrets! If you’ve ever wondered, “What would it be like to get magically transported into a video game?” this is the story for you! I’ve been playing video games since I was seven years old and it feels so exciting to have written and drawn a story that explores this subject in a really mysterious and fun way! I can’t wait for everyone to read Glitch and I think the cover is a vibrant introduction to the main characters of the story! Izzy, Eric, and Rae are all super interesting and I’m excited for everyone to get to meet them — whether it’s inside the video game world or outside of it.”

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