EXCLUSIVE: Scarlet Witch Up Against Rogue in McNiven's "Uncanny Avengers" #14 Cover

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at incoming "Uncanny Avengers" artist Steve McNiven's cover for his debut issue, "Uncanny Avengers" #14 written by Rick Remender. The cover depicts the Scarlet Witch surrounded by Rogue, who displays the bone claw powers of Wolverine as Wanda manipulates reality using chaos magic.

McNiven was announced as the new artist for "Uncanny Avengers" during Comic-Con International last month, and was enthusiastic about drawing the series when speaking with CBR News after the announcement.

"The first issue script is literally one of the most exciting I have worked on, ever, and that includes "Old Man Logan." There are some really brutal scenes here, and things just get more intense as the plot moves forward. It's a real thrill and I am so thankful to Rick for having me come in at this pivotal time in the series. When I officially became part of the team, Rick and I talked for literally hours where he filled me in on all the machinations of the series and it blew my mind. This guy is firing on all cylinders and I'm just along for the ride. And the scripts! I've never seen anything like them. He packs them full of reference and visual inspiration. I think the first one printed out at well over 45 pages. So cool."

Check out McNiven's cover below and stick around CBR for the artist's interior pages, debuting in today's Axel-in-Charge.

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