EXCLUSIVE: Humphries, Chang Take Over Nightwing

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At the start of DC's Rebirth era, Dick Grayson was finding his feet as Nightwing once more following his run as a secret agent for Spyral. Now, over a year in, the character is fully settled in his adopted home of Blüdhaven with new friends, new enemies and beginning in December, a new creative team.

Green Lanterns’ Sam Humphries and Batman Beyond’s Bernard Chang are teaming up for a new arc to prove just why Nightwing is “Untouchable.” Humphries spoke to CBR about what it is that makes Dick Grayson so special within the DC Universe, and his bittersweet goodbye to Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

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Heading into DC Rebirth, Simon and Jessica — the leads of Green Lanterns — had a ton of potential but not much time to shine on their own to showcase it. However, by teaming them together Humphries and collaborators such as Robson Rocha, Eduardo Pansica and Ronan Cliquet could lean into the Lethal Weapon-esque genre of two cops forced to work together, but with high-concept cosmic villains.

Art from Green Lanterns' #7 cover by Robson Rocha, Joe Prado and Rod Reis

Over the course of over thirty issues, the two rookie Green Lanterns grew as characters and found their place in the DC Universe in ways that are rare for superheroes in a shared universe. While characters are often defined by who they are in their earliest days, Green Lanterns allowed Simon and Jessica to grow, change and become more confident in their role. Jessica learned to overcome her social anxiety and agoraphobia to become a leader in her own right, and Simon not only grew beyond his need for a gun “just in case” but proved to himself that you don’t need a Green Lantern ring to be a Green Lantern.

On leaving Green Lanterns, Humphries told CBR, “It was incredible writing two newly created (by the incredibly generous Geoff Johns) characters, and watching them develop into fan favorites as I wrote their stories over the last year.” He also admitted, “It was very hard to say goodbye.” However, he's leaving the series to take over one of the most beloved characters in the DC Universe, and can't wait to dive in and apply his deft touch at character development and storytelling to Dick Grayson.

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