EXCLUSIVE: Ronin Has a Breakthrough on "Mighty Avengers" #4.INH Cover

Following Tuesday's reveal of David Marquez's cover to "Avengers A.I." #7.INH, CBR has another exclusive look at a cover to one of Marvel's December-scheduled "Inhumanity" tie-ins. This time it's Greg Land's cover to "Mighty Avengers" #4.INH," an issue illustrated by Land and written by Al Ewing.

The latest incarnation of "Mighty Avengers" starts this week, and launches out of Marvel's currently ongoing "Infinity" event. The cover to #4.INH prominently features Ronin, a disguised character that Ewing has said he intends on keeping a mystery for a while.

"The rest of the team won't know who he/she is at all until the time comes for her/him to unmask," Ewing told CBR in June. "Until then -- I'm enjoying reading everybody's guesses. I love this kind of mystery, and I'm enjoying springing one on the readers. Needless to say, I'll be dropping plenty of hints over the course of the first year."

Marvel provided brief text accompanying the cover, reading, "As Manhattan burns, will the Mighty Avengers rise above the 'Inhumanity'?" Take a look at Land's cover below.

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