EXCLUSIVE: ResurrXion Variant Covers by Allred, Jones & Siquera


When ResurrXion arrives in April, it's not just Marvel Comics' X-Men and Inhuman titles that will celebrating. The rest of the Marvel Universe will get in on the celebration as well, by way of a series of variant covers bringing the publisher's biggest mutants and Inhumans to series starring Spider-Man, Captain America, the Hulk and more.

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Today, CBR has the exclusive reveal of three of these variants. Below, check out Mike and Laura Allred's cover for "Spider-Man/Deadpool" #16, featuring Black Bolt; JG Jones and Morry Hollowell's Colossus, which will be featured on "Black Panther" #13; and Iceman, by Paulo Siquera and Rachelle Rosenberg for "Hulk" #5.

Following the "X-Men: Prime" one-shot's arrival on March 29, Marvel's ResurrXion kicks off in full force in April with the debuts of a number of mutant and Inhuman-led series, as well as continuing titles like "All-New Wolverine," "Old Man Logan" and more.

JG Jones and Morry Hollowell illustrate Colossus for their "Black Panther" #13 variant cover
Paulo Siquera and Rachelle Rosenberg illustrate Iceman for their "Hulk" #5 variant cover
Mike and Laura Allred illustrate Black Bolt for their "Spider-Man/Deadpool" #15 variant cover
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