EXCLUSIVE: Remender, Scalera Tease "Black Science"

All week long, Image Comics has been releasing teasers hyping the upcoming sci-fi title's November launch, and today, CBR has the exclusive debut of the fourth and final look into one of the the worlds Remender and crew are set to explore.

"I've always been drawn to science fiction with a touch of horror because it allows for an infinite amount of possible dilemmas for your characters, dilemmas that carry huge consequences, which is why I like to include a horror aspect," Remender told CBR earlier this year. "Peppering horrific fates throughout an adventure leaves you on pins and needles for the fate of the characters, which you hopefully have come to care for, and are rooting for.

"I love the idea that an infinite amount of parallel worlds exist only a fraction of an atom away from one another, and sometimes, even touch," the writer continued. "The more I read about string theory the more my head hurts. It is a very complicated concept. But at its core is real science that reinforces much of what we've been doing in comic books for decades... Like all good pulp, it's fun fiction built upon reality, or at least theoretical reality."

"Black Science," by Remender, Scalara and White, arrives in stores Nov. 27.

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