EXCLUSIVE: Reis and Prado Cover "Before Watchmen: Rorschach" #4

With more "Before Watchmen" miniseries concluding in February, DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Ivan Reis and Joe Prado's "Before Watchmen: Rorschach" #4 variant cover for the conclusion of the miniseries written by Brian Azzarello with art by Lee Bermejo. The "Justice League" artistic team's image depicts the title character reflected in a pool of blood after beating a man against a brick wall.

"With Rorschach, he was such a completely fleshed out character in the original book," Azzarello said at Fan Expo 2012. "Let's take that character and put him in a situation that he'd be inspired by, or that Alan Moore was inspired by. Let's put him in 1970s New York. We're not out to re-invent the wheel with him, we're giving you what you want!"

Check out Reis and Prado's variant below.

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