EXCLUSIVE: Rebels Unite On Pichelli & Mounts' "Star Wars: Shattered Empire" Variant

With the release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" just mere months away, the entire Star Wars franchise has rolled out a number of tie-ins to fill in the gap between 1983's "Return of the Jedi" and this year's "Episode VII." One such tie-in is "Star Wars: Shattered Empire," a four-issue limited series from Marvel Comics set in the immediate aftermath of the destruction of the second Death Star above the forest moon of Endor. Written by Greg Rucka with interior art by Marco Checchetto, the series follows the adventures of Han, Luke, Leia and Lando while also introducing new characters with ties to "The Force Awakens."

Today, Marvel has given Comic Book Resources an exclusive first look at the variant cover for October's "Star Wars: Shattered Empire" #4, which comes from artist Sara Pichelli and colorist Paul Mounts. The image features the entire cast of Star Wars headliners, including Nien Nunb, in their "ROTJ" garb. Additionally, "Shattered Empire" #4 will feature a movie variant featuring a lightsaber-wielding Luke Skywalker during his attack on Jabba's Sail Barge.

"Star Wars: Shattered Empire" #4 arrives in stores this October.

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