EXCLUSIVE: Quitely's "The Multiversity: Pax Americana" Cover

Earlier this week, CBR debuted Chris Burnham's variant cover for the first issue of Grant Morrison's "The Multiversity," a mash-up combining the iconic image from the cover of "Action Comics" #1 with one of "The Multiversity's" stars, Captain Carrot.

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Now, DC Comics has provided CBR with the exclusive reveal of artist Frank Quitely's finished cover for "The Multiversity: Pax Americana" #1. Arriving in November, Morrison and Quitely's story stars a number of DC's Charlton heroes, including Blue Beetle, The Question. The closely cropped image of a peace sign lit on fire, is reminiscent of the cover for Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's "Watchmen" #1, which was itself a story based on analogues of the Charlton characters.

In 2012, the writer spoke with CBR News at Morrisoncon, explaining that the original idea for "Pax Americana" had him working with Greg Rucka to actually merge the Charlton incarnations of the characters with their "Watchmen" counterparts. "One of the first ideas I had was, I said to Greg [Rucka], wouldn't it be great if you just did this real dark espionage comic and what we did with the Charlton characters kind of referred to the fact that most people are more familiar with the Charlton characters and the iteration that became 'Watchmen?' It just seemed like a fun way to get a Charlton revival comic with a universe with Blue Beetle, these guys doing kind of 1960s stuff. We thought maybe we could combine it with 'Watchmen,' because then it made it fun, gave it an edge and allowed us to also take some of those techniques which no one's used since Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons did them, really, kind of very flashy narrative techniques and reflective stories and do an update on that kind of stuff -- and suddenly it looks fresh. No one's really doing these high grids where the grid becomes a really important part of the storytelling. So it was just a fun way of doing it. That was before any of the 'Before Watchmen' stuff, but I don't think this will have any of the same controversy because really, all we're doing is taking techniques. We don't use the same characters, we don't tell a similar story, we don't do 'Watchmen.' We do a take on the idea of the construction of 'Watchmen.'"

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's "The Multiversity: Pax Americana" arrives in November from DC Comics.

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