EXCLUSIVE: Print-and-Play Fialkov & Chamberlain's "Punks" Card Game

What happens when "Punks" protagonists Dog and Skull get into a fight? That's what you can now determine with this special CBR Exclusive print-and-play version of the "Punks" card game. In anticipation of "Punks'" Image Comics debut on October 8, series creators Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain have developed a fight-simulation card game that includes attacks like "Poetry Slam" and "Fire Breath"; classic defenses like "Danzig's Hand of Doom (TM)" and "Inflated Ego"; and of course, Nut-Punchers -- all in the signature style of Fialkov and Chamberlain's offbeat comic.

While you can get some practice with the print-and-play version of the game below, a full-size limited-edition deluxe version will be available during New York Comic Con 2014 this week at Dimension X Comics, the Image Comics booth and Fialkov's Artist Alley table (I-13).

Check out the card images below.

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