EXCLUSIVE: Princess Bubblegum Runs for President in New "Adventure Time" OGN

After the King of Ooo discovers the long-lost ConstitOootion, Princess Bubblegum must run for election against her enemies -- and frenemies! -- to secure her throne in "Adventure Time: President Bubblegum," the latest "Adventure Time" OGN from BOOM! Studios' KABOOM! imprint.

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CBR can exclusively reveal the cover and solicitation for this new "Adventure Time" graphic novel, which follows Bubblegum's week-long race to the presidency.


Retail Price: $14.99

Writer: Josh Trujillo

Artist: Zachary Sterling

Cover Artist: Scott Maynard

Synopsis: The King of Ooo approaches the Candy Castle and proclaims that he has discovered the long-lost ConstitOootion. When Candy Law Professor verifies the authenticity of the document, which states in one week there will be an election for Ooo's first President, Princess Bubblegum will have to race against her enemies...and frenemies, to ensure her spot on the throne!

"Adventure Time: President Bubblegum" OGN goes on sale in September.

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